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Wild Olive biltong carver Combination set 1 Dhagga Boy

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Welcome to our website where you can explore our line of handmade knives, folders and biltong carvers.

Our knives are well known for their outstanding value and durability. Only the finest Bohler N690 stain less steel, heat treated to 58 - 60Rc is used to ensure the highest quality and to create an edge that delivers superior performance. No automated machinery is used in the proc ess of creating the knives - a ll knives are truly made by hand.

Lyon's Custom Knives specialises in practical, handmade hunting and folding knives. Drawing from experience in the hunting field, the knives are designed to satisfy a hunters’ desire to own a well-made practical knife that will last a lifetime.

The love of nature is expressed in the use of African hardwoods as well as other natural materials, such as animal horn, bone and warthog tusk for the handles of the knives. This does, however, not preclude the use of synthetic materials such as micarta, corian etc - some for durability, some for beauty, others for bragging rights or for ease of maintenance, but all of them interesting to work with.

Preferred Materials:

Preferred Finish:

Heat Treatment:


As corporate gifts for clients, the knives are stylish, and out of the ordinary. Personalised promotional and corporate gifts serve as on-going advertising.

My undertaking to you is that I will make a knife for you containing all my knowledge, ability and experience. It will never fail you, even when your life depends on it. It will serve you faithfully for a lifetime or more. You won't find a better knife, for it is superior in every way."

My sincerest thanks and most grateful appreciation to my many wonderful customers and loyal friends (often the same people) who have supported my knife making efforts over the past 5 years.